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Dark Prisms; Dark Quest; Dark Raider; Dark Raider S; Dark Realm: Princess of Ice; Dark Realm: Queen of Flames HD - A Mystical Hidden Object Adventure ; Dark Reaper Shoots Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast; Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death HD - A Hidden Object Adventure; Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet; Dark Romance: The Swan Sonata; Dark Romance: Vampire In Love; Dark Room Dark Shrine; Dark

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption FAQ/Walkthrough for Wii by

You're primarily using charged shots here, but plenty of debris spinning, orange rectangular prisms that usually appear in groups of three are being torn off the walls by Ridley's appendages and are heading strht at you, usually obstructing your chance for a clear shot. Taking the hit from these is your best choice. They don't cause much damage and your shot is clear afterwards. If Ridley

Tales of the Abyss FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by

Check the closet next to the bed for a Deck Brush, a weapon for Jade. Go downstairs. There's a recipe for ramen on Tear's desk. Leave the house and you'll be in the city proper. Your party members are scattered around the city. Asch wants to return to the Shell World, and for whatever reason so does everyone else. A townsperson to the left will ask you for 3 Apple Gummies. This is part of a

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation

For Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on the PlayStation 2, FAQ/Walkthrough by Salah al Din.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by

sybillium presents a main game faq/walkthrough for: llllll uuuuu uuuuunnnnnn nnn aaaaaaaaaa rrrrrrrrr lll uuu uuu nnnnnn nnn aaaaaaaa rrrrrrrrr lll uuu uuu nnnnnnn nnn aaa aaa rrr rrr lll uuu uuu nnn nnnn nnn aaa aaa rrr rrr lll

Skylanders Giants FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

Her deck consists of 2 "Drow Archer 3" and 3 "Bark Demon". Now that you've been in all the houses you can go get that second key, use the switcher in the middle of the village and then bounce back up next to Catherine's House again, this time the wall on the left is made of wood so you can smash through it. Take the key to the right side of the village and open up the gate. On the right is an

Tales of Phantasia Walkthrough for Super Nintendo by

A boat to Alvanista can be found in Venetwia. 019 Harmel Ruined Items - N/A Shops - N/A Enemies - N/A Bosses - N/A -Return to Harmel Village. It's ruined. The party wonders what happened to it. -There's a young girl towards the northern exit of the village. The party asks her what happened, but she doesn't know. -Cless has a flashback of when his village was destroyed. -The party introduces

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